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Security Doors Mitcham

It’s easy to organise installation of a high-quality security door at your place. And once they have a Mighty Tuff security door, Mitcham locals can protect their home from would-be intruders or flying insects, without sacrificing a view of the backyard, or an open, breezy home in summer.

The customisation options mean you’ll be happy to place one of our security doors anywhere around your home. Choose the design that suits your tastes, and the powder-coating that suits the existing colour palette of your home.

We have generous warranties for your peace of mind. All our screen and security doors come with a twelve-month service warranty, and a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard, and we’re pleased to say that when tested, our doors have been found not only to meet, but to exceed Australian standards.

Secure Your Home, Cut Down on Noise, and Save Energy with the Roller Shutters Mitcham Locals Love

To make the most of your home, choose the roller shutters that let you effectively keep the heat in on a cold winter’s night, or the harsh midday sun out on a scorching summer’s day. As well as cutting down on heat transference, our aluminium roller shutters can reduce, or cut out light, so that kids can have naptime at any time, and shift workers can make their bedroom dark and restful when needed. 

Roller shutters help you to use your home the way you want, and you could even see significant savings on your next energy bill, as their insulating properties can help you reduce energy consumption by as much as 60%.

With Mighty Tuff’s roller shutters, Mitcham locals can enjoy their home the way they want, while also providing very practical security measures for their home.

Call Mighty Tuff Security when You Want Local Manufacturers and Installers of Quality Security Screen Doors, Roller Shutters, Home Security Systems, and Shop Locks, for Mitcham and the nearby Suburbs

To protect any house from extreme weather, deter would-be intruders, and all while adding to the visual appeal of your home, have a look at Mighty Tuff Security’s complete range of solutions.

From home security systems that integrate with smoke alarms and intercom systems, to additional locks and bolts for your roller shutters and security doors, Mitcham locals will find a range of options in home protection.

Alarm Systems Mitcham

We also have fly screen doors, outdoor blinds, and awnings to keep your home cool and comfortable all year round.


    For best results we suggest a colour consultation with our team. Call us on 03 8201 4224 and we can walk you through the selection process. (Our very creative colour consultants have been known to jump on Google Maps & find client homes on the map to get a better view.)