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The Best Decision For Your Home

Bayview plantation shutters are synonymous with quality craftsmanship, comprehensive bespoke options and luxury with longevity. Bayview is a popular classic and premium window covering solution which remains an opulent and valuable product. Through quality craftsmanship and customisation of decorative and shaped framing options, these plantation shutters enhance the atmosphere in any room for every home. To ensure that our shutters compliment your home we offer 3 materials, full timber premium Basswood or highly engineered Thermo 25 or the new hybrid Thermo Tec.

Brand Promise

Our Bayview Brand Promise is to deliver shutters of the highest quality which are manufactured to perfectly fit any window making this comprehensive range the best decision for your home.

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Comprehensive & Convenient

Complete control of light and mood

Each panel can be adjusted to filter light and sound as per your mood and weather conditions to enhance and control your living areas. Bayview shutters will let natural light in and keep unwanted
attention or noise out making them ideal for that afternoon rest on the weekend. This premium product will provide you with peace, ease and privacy without comprising on view and light.

No fuss and low maintenance

Bayview shutters are made with quality craftsmanship to ensure longevity and minimal user maintenance. Unlike other window solutions, Bayview are virtually fuss free too! These shutters are very quick and easy to clean and are excellent for dust allergy sufferers making them a great solution for busy families.

Comprehensive customisation

Bayview shutters are manufactured to suit all window shapes and sizes because this premium product is custom made to suit any window.

This versatile range comes 3 materials to ensure that you get the most value and life out of your product in wet, dry or high usage areas. Bayview also has an extensive range of paint colours and stains to ensure that not only does it function but looks good!

Insulated and economical

Bayview will keep you cool during summer and help retain the heat during the winter making them a perfect solution to reduce your bills.

Family friendly and reinforced

Bayview shutters are versatile, they sit elegantly in your lounge room or master bedroom but are sturdy enough for harsh weather conditions, pets, children, high usage and wet areas. They also have mortise and tenon joins for stronger wider panels and are hypoallergic for comfort.

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    For best results we suggest a colour consultation with our team. Call us on 03 8201 4224 and we can walk you through the selection process. (Our very creative colour consultants have been known to jump on Google Maps & find client homes on the map to get a better view.)