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Roller Shutters Melbourne

Protect you home year-round, with the Mighty Tuff roller shutters Melbourne homeowners trust. We offer discounts for front line workers, so why not call us for a quote today? Our roller shutters cut down on noise and light, allowing shift workers to enjoy peace and quiet at any time of the day or night.​

You can organise a quote online, or call our team for further information. We have over thirty-five years of experience as a company, and are always happy to help our customers find the solution that offers the best fit for their specific needs.

We manufacture, supply, and install all Mighty Tuff roller shutters, so you can be assured of exceptional customer service and after sales support.

With Our Window Roller Shutters Melbourne Homeowners Can Save More

Not only are our roller shutters very reasonably priced for the level of protection that they offer, but once they have installed Mighty Tuff Security window roller shutters, Melbourne homeowners should notice a welcome change in their energy bills.

We can offer you advice on how to get the most from our window roller shutters that offer superior thermal insulation winter and summer. In the warmer months you can use your shutters to shade the windows on the side of the house that gets the most sun. Blocking out harmful UV rays is also a great way to prevent furniture and flooring from fading.

In winter all you need to do is close the blinds at night to stop heat escaping through uninsulated windows.

In stormy weather your window roller shutters will protect the windows themselves from flying debris and spattered dust. Your shutters will shield you from winds of up to 100 km/h without rattling.

With Our Window Roller Shutters Melbourne Homeowners Can Save More

Roller shutters are a great way to protect your home. While large windows bring light into your home, and give you beautiful views of the garden outside, they can also present a security risk. By adding security shutters, Melbourne homeowners are adding an effective deterrent to any would-be intruders.

We offer you a range of customisation options for your security shutters, from a variety of powder-coated colours, to the additional locks and bolts that make your home even more secure.

To make sure the entire house is as secure as your roller shutter protected windows, why not ask us about our door locks, security screen doors, and security alarm systems? We also offer a variety of outdoor blinds, awnings, and glass doors and windows.

Roller Shutters
Mighty Tuff Security Doors are available in the following Colours
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Choose Australian made roller shutters that offer uncompromising value, excellent quality, and alluring style. Check out the six points below to see why Mighty Tuff Security is the best choice to supply and install your roller shutters.


  • You get premium protection from would-be intruders with our range of roller shutters.
  • As part of your security setup, roller shutters will deter criminals from targeting your property.
  • Additional security features are available for your shutters, including extra bolts and locks, as well as Wi-Fi operation that lets you open and close your shutters wherever you are by using a smart device.


  • Keep your property warm in winter and cool in summer thanks to the incredible insulation qualities built into our exterior shutters.
  • Help to regulate internal temperature with 2mms of Perforated Mesh.
  • Our shutters are also designed to create optimal airflow, helping to keep your property fresh.


  • Insulate against the heat of the sun with Mighty Tuff Security’s roller shutters.
  • As well as cooling your home, you can also reduce UV rays by closing your shutters when the sun is shining on your windows.
  • Roller shutters help to trap the warmth from your heater on cold days.


  • Your new roller shutters will stand up to 100 km/h winds, protecting your property without rattling around.
  • Roller shutters will also protect your windows during a storm, deflecting heavy rain, hail, and debris that flies around during wild weather.


  • Your heaters and coolers won’t have to work as hard when you have roller shutters, helping you to reduce electricity usage and lower your power bills.
  • In fact, the Mighty Tuff range of roller shutters can lower energy usage by as much as 60% thanks to their aluminium construction!


  • Our team can seamlessly install roller shutters for you, helping you reduce outside noises by as much as 50%.
  • When you’re entertaining at home, your roller shutters will also have the reverse effect, keeping the noise you make inside your home and reducing the chance of a complaint from neighbours.

At Mighty Tuff Security, we can also personalise your roller shutters, with Dulux powder coating available in a wide variety of colours!

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    For best results we suggest a colour consultation with our team. Call us on 03 8201 4224 and we can walk you through the selection process. (Our very creative colour consultants have been known to jump on Google Maps & find client homes on the map to get a better view.)