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Roller Shutters Melbourne

Protect you home year-round, with the Mighty Tuff roller shutters Melbourne homeowners trust. We offer discounts for front line workers, so why not call us for a quote today? Our roller shutters cut down on noise and light, allowing shift workers to enjoy peace and quiet at any time of the day or night.​

You can organise a quote online, or call our team for further information. We have over thirty-five years of experience as a company, and are always happy to help our customers find the solution that offers the best fit for their specific needs.

We manufacture, supply, and install all Mighty Tuff roller shutters, so you can be assured of exceptional customer service and after sales support.

With Our Window Roller Shutters Melbourne Homeowners Can Save More

Not only are our roller shutters very reasonably priced for the level of protection that they offer, but once they have installed Mighty Tuff Security window roller shutters, Melbourne homeowners should notice a welcome change in their energy bills.

We can offer you advice on how to get the most from our window roller shutters that offer superior thermal insulation winter and summer. In the warmer months you can use your shutters to shade the windows on the side of the house that gets the most sun. Blocking out harmful UV rays is also a great way to prevent furniture and flooring from fading.

In winter all you need to do is close the blinds at night to stop heat escaping through uninsulated windows.

In stormy weather your window roller shutters will protect the windows themselves from flying debris and spattered dust. Your shutters will shield you from winds of up to 100 km/h without rattling.

With Our Window Roller Shutters Melbourne Homeowners Can Save More

Roller shutters are a great way to protect your home. While large windows bring light into your home, and give you beautiful views of the garden outside, they can also present a security risk. By adding security shutters, Melbourne homeowners are adding an effective deterrent to any would-be intruders.

We offer you a range of customisation options for your security shutters, from a variety of powder-coated colours, to the additional locks and bolts that make your home even more secure.

To make sure the entire house is as secure as your roller shutter protected windows, why not ask us about our door locks, security screen doors, and security alarm systems? We also offer a variety of outdoor blinds, awnings, and glass doors and windows.

Roller Shutters
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Mighty Tuff Security Doors are available in the following Colours
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Mighty Tuff Security roller shutters are Australian made in our Factory.Below is 6 reasons why you should get them fully installed on your house today.


  • Mighty Tuff Roller Shutters offer increased protection from intruders.
  • Acting as an effective deterrent and are an essential aspect of a security system.
  • You can customise them by adding additional locks and bolts. We also offer wifi-enabled shutters that you can operate remotely using your smartphone, even when you’re not at home.


  • MIGHTY TUFF Exterior Roller shutters also provide excellent insulation and temperature control, keeping your place cool during the summer and warm when it is too cold outside.
  • 2mm Perforated Mesh.
  • MIGHTY TUFF specially crafted products are designed to reduce heat and regulate air flow.


  • Mighty Tuff Roller Shutters can provide excellent thermal insulation.
  • Whereby you have windows facing the sun, just lower the shutters to block out the UV radiation and keep your home cooler.
  • In colder weather, they can help prevent heat from escaping.
We never compromise on Quality Style or Value!


  • In addition to providing temperature control and insulation, MIGHTY TUFF Roller Shutters offer weather protection by shielding you from winds of up to 100 km/h without getting rattled.
  • They can also withstand hailstorms and heavy rainfall and are made to deflect any debris such as branches to prevent damage to your windows.


  • One of the principal concerns of property owners is to reduce the energy bills which seem to soar high when electricity is not used carefully.
  • MIGHTY TUFF Roller Shutters, which are made of aluminium, can help you reduce energy consumption up to 60%.


  • MIGHTY TUFF Roller Shutters manage the stress levels by installing residential roller shutters which offer an additional benefit of blocking out the outside noise and commotion up to 50%.
  • Since it works both ways, you can entertain guests till late at night without worrying about your neighbours complaining of too much noise.
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