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Control your home’s security with our smart, wi-fi enabled alarm systems. Melbourne homeowners can rest easy knowing that home access and control is at their fingertips. The wi-fi capabilities not only allow you to oversee everything from your smart phone or tablet – it also makes set up simple, without the need to wire the system in to make it smart home compatible.

The inbuilt battery and external solar powered siren make this alarm system completely independent when needed.

Let us know what capabilities you would like to see from your home security system, and we’ll help you achieve it. Our smart alarm systems can connect to your Google Assistant, so you have easy control from wherever you are, in, or outside, the home. When you’re home, simply give the alarm system voice commands, as you would for any other Google Assistant connected device.

Update Your Security with the Home Alarm Systems Melbourne Can Count On

The passive infrared sensor (PIR sensor) on our home alarm systems immediately detects when an object falls within the sensor’s range of ‘view’. This immediate detection makes for a responsive and reliable home alarm system. Melbourne locals can rely on this system whether it is serving an individual home, or protecting common access areas within an apartment complex.

You’ll always know when someone approaches or enters your house, whether you’re at home or away. With a colour display and two way audio, these systems are the perfect solution for communicating with a visitor at the door or the gate, letting you know who’s there, and allowing easy communication at the touch of a button.

You can program the alarm system with different responses. You can even set it to send an SMS alert if the wi-fi signal is poor.

With These Home Security Systems Melbourne Locals Can Create a Protected Home

Here at Mighty Tuff Security, we have chosen home security systems Melbourne locals can count on. The systems work with intelligent smoke detectors to warn you of any threat to your family’s safety.

By combining a home security system with your roller shutters and security screen doors, you can rest easy knowing that your home is protected from every angle.

We also have the high-quality products that will make your home more comfortable – from glass doors and windows to outdoor blinds and awnings. To find out more about our security screen doors, alarm systems, or door locks and padlocks, simply contact the team at Mighty Tuff Security.

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